How elder SOS watch technology helped Nursing Home in New Zealand?


With the help of an indoor positioning system (IPS), it is possible to locate persons in a nursing facility and increase their safety.

What clients demand?

  • Location overview of all emergencies
  • GPS comfortable wearable
  • Customized app and web tracking platform
  • SOS button for emergency situation

In deciding in favor of a nursing home, not only comfort but also, above all, safety plays a significant role for those affected. Chiefly in everyday situations, emergencies can rapidly arise, whether it is a fall in the bathroom or physical discomfort in bed. But how can senior citizens make themselves feel in an emergency, so that help is accessible as speedily as possible?


To shield the elderly, ThinkRace Technology provides a GPS tracking watch for elderly which is equipped with alarm which can be triggered in danger or emergency situations by a simple push of a button or an alarm can be triggered by immobility.

Track the live location of the wearer and even monitor their health. This alternative can also be useful for patients who are currently moving around freely in the building to make a mobile call for help. Using the GEO-Fencing feature, craft a virtual boundary and get updates whenever the wearer leaves or enters in predefined area!


The personal tracking device for elderly provides complete set of safety and security to the patients living in the nursing homes. The GPS tracker smart watch recognize the location and transmit the data to the web tracking platform or app where they are processed in real time and the position is displayed on a map. The nursing staff can see the cataleptic wearer’s location in a smartphone or browser application and is then led to the person concerned.

Tracking Solution Provider-ThinkRace Technology

The prevalent leader in GPS Tracker, IoT Solution &Fitness Monitoring Equipment Company –ThinkRace takes great pride in offering GPS smart watch for elderly. Focused on providing innovative tracking solutions to clients, we provide GPS smart watch ODM/OEM/JDM services.

Our experienced and skilled team of operational engineers offers customized app and application with GPS tracking solutions that are contingent on your business needs and requirements.

How we assisted the clients?

Our clients, who run a nursing-home, required a health-monitoring device to check the health conditions and whereabouts of their patients. Our manufacturing unit delivers them with our product.