How to select the right tracking device for your fleet management?


We provide wide range of GPS tracking systems that are designed to help our customers manage their fleets’ needs. From live and passive selections to simple trailer tracking and robust fleet systems, our devices will serve a broad range of fleet sizes and types. As you settle on which device is best for your fleet, you will require to decide between plug-in models and wired tracking devices. Here is a closer look at both of these tracking solutions.

An insight of Plug-In Tracking

Plug-in GPS tracker for car is termed as OBD car tracker, uses a small tracking device that plugs directly into the OBD-II port on your vehicles. This is the same port your mechanic uses to run diagnostic codes, and is simply accessible and universal across most modern vehicles. Our GPS tracking devices come tested and activated, so all you have to do is plug it in and let it work for you tranquility.

One possible concern with plug-in tracking is the effortlessness in tampering with these devices. The OBD tracker sends alerts to the OBD app, allowing the fleet manager to take action to track the car properly. Equipped with latest technologies like MQTT/TLS protocols, the OBD transfer Telematics data to server rapidly and safely.

With our customized app and application, you can track the live location of the car on your smart phones or web platform.

To install a plug-in tracking system- locates the vehicle’s OBD-II port. Turn off the vehicle, plug in the device. Turn on the vehicle, and the device will start tracking after a couple of minutes of configuration. You can use the app &application to verify that it is tracking.

What is Wired Tracking?

Wired tracking refers to tracking systems that are hard-wired into the vehicle. These are more complicated to tamper with, and they are wired to the vehicle’s systems parallel to that of a car’s stereo. Our Vehicle Tracker is an example of a wired tracking system.

Just as the case with OBD tracker, wired tracking devices can operate via a battery and antenna to send alerts should tampering occur. Wired devices, unlike plug-ins, have the selection to remotely disable the vehicle’s ignition if there is a safety or service violation.

To install– While the mainstream of customers self-install, the task can also be done by a qualified installer or mechanic. The devices fit into interior panels and side panels, typically on the driver’s side under the dash.

How to choose the right tracking device for your fleet?

When you choose best car tracking device from ThinkRace Technology you benefit from systems that are easy to use, easy to install and reliable day in and day out. The choice between a wired and plug-in device depends on your requirements.

OBD tracker is definitely tranquil to use and provide diverse sets of features and functions the customers. This car tracking system is ideal for Automobile,
Logistic, Insurance and Fleet owners.

Why ThinkRace Technology?

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