GPS Vehicle Tracker VT33

Model No: AT15

AT15, a rechargeable smart luggage-tracker by ThinkRace Technlogy goes with any kind of luggage and personal baggage. It is a pocket-sized device which helps you to locate your belongings through an app and application system which is provided by us. It gives you full history of the luggage and also in real-time so that you can relax even when your assets are not around.



  • Multi Mode Positioning
    GPS/LBS/AGPS/Wifi multi mode positioning
  • null
    Real-time location management
  • null
    Ultra-long standby
  • null
    Illegal removal alarm
  • null
    Automatic remote upgrade
  • null
    Automatic fault recovery


GSM frequency 



Class 12, TCP/IP

GPS Chipset

MTK high sensitivity chip

GPS Channel


Location Accuracy

<10 meters

Working Voltage


Working Current

28.6 mA; Sleep mode: 5.3 mAh


32 MB

Operating Temperature



110 mAh/3.7V Li-polymer battery

Working Time

1 hours


66*39*17.2 mm



Device Weight

37 g

Product Features

Quick positioning

3D G-sensor


Overspeed alarm

Remote configuration

Travelers, security agencies and tourists sometimes worried about losing luggage and that ultimately harm their relation with customers. Well, no worries for them as our luggage tracker are an amazing solution for that. A small device which is equipped with GPS Tracking system.

For a stress Free Trip without Any Worries

This small luggage locator helps you to track your luggage
in real-time and also provides history for the same.

Sleek and Light-weight

With a small size and its light weight it can be fit anywhere and
also for long duration as it has a long stand-by battery.

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